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Ecology and economy hand in hand at the monastery

Home / Brewery / Sustainability Ecology and economy hand in hand at the monastery Thank you for your interest in the environmental activities at the Andechs monastery brewery.

These environmental statements are to provide an overview of our ongoing projects and a prospect of our future plans for the protection of the environment at our monastery brewery.

True to the Benedictine perseverance, the care we take with our environment and its resources is an integral constituent of corporate policy at our monastery’s business enterprises.

Environmental protection enjoys top priority at the Andechs monastery brewery, one of the business enterprises of the Benedictine Abbey of St Boniface in Munich and Andechs. True to the Benedictine vows, specifically perseverance, the care we take with our environment and its resources is an integral constituent of corporate policy at the monastery’s business enterprises on the Holy Mountain of Bavaria.

Huge investments in energy efficiency

As a monastery enterprise with a tradition of brewing as long ago as 1455, we see it as our especial duty to take gentle care of the Creation and the resources it provides us.

Over the past years, we have made huge investments in the energy efficiency of our monastery brewery, aligning our eco friendly production processes more tightly to our quality policy.

Furthermore, we are dependent on an intact environment, as a religious centre, as the oldest place of pilgrimage in Bavaria, as a destination for nearly a million daytrippers a year, and as a producer of quality foods.

So economical and ecological activities are two sides to the same coin at the monastery and its business enterprises. Since its very beginnings, the Andrechs monastery brewery has been striving for long term organic growth in conjunction with the continuous improvement of its ecological balance sheet.

Business enterprises fund the pastoral, social, and cultural commitments of the monastery in Munich and Andechs

We also see this together with the fact that our business enterprises also provide funding for the widely ramified pastoral, social, and cultural commitments of our monastic community in Munich and Andechs. All of these activities, including pastoral care in Saint Boniface and Andechs and our homeless aid organisation in Munich are financed without contributions from church tax.

Our special thanks to our colleagues

This documentation is intended to provide an insight into the ecological commitment of the monastery brewery. You can then experience directly over one of our beers the special meld of Benedictine hospitality, Baroque culture, and the Bavarian lifestyle here on the Holy Mountain.

At this point, our special thanks go to all of our many colleagues whose great dedication and commitment every year have helped us to advance along this path step by step.


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