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With proof of its existence going back to the beginning of the 12th century, the Andechs pilgrimage is thus the oldest all across Bavaria. Even today, the tradition is not only alive and well, but experiencing a renewed growth.

Pilgrims at the foot of Holy Mountain – over the past few years, the pilgrimage groups have been getting bigger and the pilgrims have been younger. Year after year, more than 30,000 organized pilgrims from over 130 pilgrimage communities travel to Holy Mountain. To reach Andechs, some groups manage to cover on foot a maximum of 50 kilometers in a single day.

(Rights: Ikarus-Film Max Kronawitter)

Since the opening of Munich's St. James Trail from Munich to Lindau in 2003, many solo travelers come to Andechs. The majority of them traveling from Lake Starnberg, they stay for one night and continue on their journey toward Dießen on the following day.


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