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In the 43rd chapter of his Rule, Benedict writes, “Nothing should be preferred to the work of God.” It is in a unique way that this also holds true for the pilgrimage church at Andechs.

Certainly, work remains important to the life of a monk, for it is only when the monks are able to live from the fruits of their own labor that they are truly monks.  Benedict also entrusted this to his monks. Yet he specifically instructs them to lay down their work when the signal for divine prayer is heard. After all, the liturgy is not so much a duty executed that we perform towards God. To a much greater extent, it is God's service to the people when they encounter Him – the living God - in the word of the Holy Scripture and in the celebration of the sacraments, the true symbols of His presence. Thus the pilgrimage church at Andechs is a witness of a living joy of faith that has endured for centuries.

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