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The Andechs monastery brewery has successfully merged its Benedictine brewing tradition since 1455 with ultra modern brewing technology.

Our long established brewing processes need a lot more time and energy than conventional methods. Yet they carry our quality policy according to the precept of this monastic enterprise: “We have a tradition of progress, and this progress we owe to a great tradition”.

We attach particularly great importance to two of these processes because they represent in exemplary fashion the Andechs brewing tradition on the Holy Mountain of Bavaria, a tradition we continue fostering today with the aid of ultra modern brewing technology.

Multiple mashing

When brewing its Dunkel beer types (Andechser Export Dunkel and Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel) with the multiple mashing method, the Andechs monastery brewery transfers only some of the mash to the mash copper where it is boiled.

Afterwards, it is transferred back to the mash copper where it heats the rest of the mash. This process is repeated several times, imbuing the Andechs monastery beers with their distinctive malty character.

Two-tank method

The Andechs monastery brewery also uses the traditional two-tank method. With this method, the so called green beer, after fermentation, does not remain in the fermenting tank, but is pumped into another tank where it is stored.

This helps to avoid the buildup of layers with differing quantities of yeast. Now thoroughly mixed, the green beer can therefore clarify even better over the next six weeks. In this time, the undesired byproducts of fermentation then break down, yielding the optimal wholesomeness