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We have been serving our new alcohol-free weissbier right here on the Holy Mountain since St. Joseph's Day 2016, and it is now also available at selected restaurants and beverage stores.

Our alcohol-free weissbier is the first non-alcoholic beer ever to be marketed by the Andechs monastery brewery. The dealcoholisation process is gentle, so as to preserve that typical Andechs weissbier flavour for which it is appreciated so much.

Fruity, lively, fine yeast aromas – our Weissbier Alcohol-Free.

The first thing that strikes you about the alcohol-free weissbier is its honey-to-amber colour, while its yeast turbidity is strong and yet finely structured. The multifaceted aroma is a delight, with fruit aromas including banana combined with a clove fragrance. As a drink, Andechs Alcohol-Free is very lively and highly refreshing with a satisfyingly full and elegant body. On the finish, it combines a light sweetness and fruity acidity with the distinct and yet pleasantly bitter flavour of hops, ending on a harmonious aftertaste. An alcohol-free thirst-quencher with the typical Andechs weissbier flavour: a fine yeast component, pleasantly tangy and sparkling in a way that makes you thirsty for more (original wort content: 12.5 percent by weight; alcohol content: under 0.5 percent by volume).

We took our time

The monks and master brewers took plenty of time in developing this character-rich weissbier with the typically sparkling Andechs weissbier flavour, to ensure that Andechs Weissbier Alcohol-Free is a 'delight for body and soul'.
After the long period of planning, testing and many tastings, Father Valentin Ziegler is highly satisfied with the results: 'We took our time! Creating a non-alcoholic beer that retains the unmistakeable character of our pale weissbier for the benefit of those who prefer a non-alcoholic beverage is nothing less than creating a work of art. It is not something you can do overnight. Together with all of our employees, we have taken a considerable step forwards.'

Preserving the unique flavour of pale weissbier

Operational manager Alexander Reiss at the first tapping of the alcohol-free weissbier on St. Joseph's Day 2016. On this day only, the weissbier was served exclusively from a wooden barrel.

Operational manager Alexander Reiss on his clear objectives: 'We did not want to brew a new weissbier but to preserve the unique flavour of our successful pale weissbier. We had to devise a quite special technical procedure, because the technology was not available off the shelf.
I am proud that we are now able to operate a dealcoholisation unit from GEA in our own brewery, the like of which will surely not be seen elsewhere in medium-sized breweries in Germany for some time to come.'
Neither were any compromises made in the selection of the ingredients. 'We are not changing anything,' says Alexander Reiss, 'we only use the best malts from Bavarian malting plants and Hallertauer aromatic hops along with our own yeast propagation system – even for non-alcoholic beer.' Moreover, the beer is brewed, dealcoholised and bottled exclusively in the Andechs monastery brewery.

Impressions from St. Joseph's Day, 19 March 2016

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'Kloster Andechs' brand strengthened

For Christian Rieger, commercial manager of the business enterprises at the Andechs monastery, the launch of the alcohol-free beer is an important step: 'We are definitely not following a short-term trend but taking up sustainable developments from the beer market and integrating them in our product range. This new product is set to make the 'Kloster Andechs' brand that much more strongly positioned for the future. 

Sales Director Wolfgang Schäff sees good market opportunities for the monastery brewery's first non-alcoholic beer: 'For our partners in the fields of restaurant business and beverage stores, our alcohol-free beer is the ideal complement to their product assortment. We invite you to rediscover this unique Andechs weissbier flavour. It is a rich weissbier refreshment for people who know what they want from this kind of beverage.'

Gentle and lengthy dealcoholisation process

Over the last few months, the monastery brewery has invested several hundred thousand euros in equipment to ensure that the weissbier undergoes gentle dealcoholisation. The GEA Huppmann dealcoholisation unit uses membrane technology and is the first system of its kind operating in a medium-sized brewery in Germany.